The getback treatment is likely to effectively address a chronic problem in the Australian population: back and neck pain. Back and neck pain is the major cause of corporate absenteeism throughout the country, and has a major impact on quality of life.

Originating from the David Company in Finland, treatment has emerged over the past decade with a high success rate in preventing and treating back and neck pain. Presently employed successfully in over 20 European countries the getback devices have been subject to the highest level of testing*. Research has consistently demonstrated exercise is beneficial for the management and treatment of chronic back and neck pain. 

Chronic back pain can lead to a ‘deconditioning’ cycle. Maladaptation can then develop, whereby pain and functional deficits in the deep spinal muscles lead to underutilisation of the back musculature that, in turn may lead to functional disability. This can be a cause of ongoing or chronic pain. The getback treatment aims to break this cycle, rehabilitate the back, and restore function.

What conditions can getback help with?

Patients with chronic back and neck pain are likely to gain ongoing relief from the progressive increases in strength and range of motion from a getback treatment intervention. People who simply want to maintain good spinal health can also use getback program to maintain strength and range of motion, to prevent back and neck pain from occurring.

Whether you experience general aches and pains, or have had long term back and neck pain, robust independent research reported to 80% of clients who completed the treatment experienced significant or complete pain reduction. The following conditions have been successfully treated:

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